Our Story


We are all about health and wellness here at Yourlixir.  Our mission is to bring awareness, and more importantly, a resolution for the everyday, productive person who wants to improve their lives from the inside out.  We believe that the healthier you are, the happier and more rewarding your life will ultimately be!  Like working on your physique, nourishing your body with vital ingredients calls for consistency and motivation, daily.  Health and longevity are not simply granted to us, but are awarded to those who actively seek to improve their lives through diet, exercise and lifestyle. Yourlixir is excited to inspire others and help facilitate those on their health journey by providing an easy, daily method to get all the powerful superfoods you need, delivered directly to your doorstep.  Health is a journey, not a destination and there’s no better feeling than living the best version of yourself each and every day.
As an international model, writer and travel enthusiast, Desirée has spent most her life traversing the world.  Health and wellbeing has always been an integral part of her life, both professionally and personally, so when she started suffering from cystic acne and hormonal imbalances, despite her active and healthy lifestyle, she knew something had to be done.  After years of eliminating (some of her favorite) foods from her diet, doctor appointments, bizarre experimental treatments, and many shed tears, the answer to her dilemma was ultimately a simple one.  It seemed too good to be true, but low and behold, these all-natural superfoods were the cure for what ailed her.  Since then, she’s made it her mission to share her secret with everyone, in hopes of helping others who want to improve their health and overall quality of life.  
While in the business of fashion for over a decade, Antonella traveled the world on a global level. One thing remained a constant: the feat of trying to stay healthy while constantly jet-setting always proved challenging. Although the lifestyle was glamorous, it was also high-pressured, stressful, and nearly impossible to maintain her healthy routine. Over the years, she realized that a simple tweak of always having quality superfoods with her on the go, was the best way to balance both of her worlds in health and business. On her most recent personal mission trip to Bali, she found that it wasn't just a coincidence that the lifestyle she evolved into, one that prioritizes mindfulness and wellness, was also the normal way of life on this special island which naturally exudes so much balance and happiness.