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Glass Eco-Straw
Glass Straw Bamboo Straw Eco Friendly Sustainable Clear Lattes Coffee
Glass Eco-Straw
Glass Eco-Straw

Glass Eco-Straw

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At Yourlixir, we're serious about lessening our carbon footprint. Humans use 1 billion straws per day!  Crazy, isn't it?  By swapping out 1 glass straw per person, we're helping to eliminate 584 plastic straws per year from the environment, especially our oceans and marine life.

• Durable glass

• 9 inches

• Environmentally friendly & non-toxic

• Great for smoothies, elixirs, shakes, lattes, and other beverages!

• Includes 1 Yourlixir glass eco-straw + a bristled cleaner per order

Sip up and zen out!


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